Wednesday, January 25, 2006

...and therein lies the problem

I was reminded today that some time has again passed since I posted anything. The problem is that I run out of things that I think are worth posting. I really haven't been anywhere nor done anything of note lately, and I figure few are interested. But then all I have is what I consider unworthy of note...So here we go.

One thing I've noticed of late...Bluetooth fashion accessories! WTF!? At what point in time did it become cool to have a piece of technology on your person, visible, at all times?

I was recently eating in a restaurant and saw a lady eating her salad, talking to her lunch companion, with a Motorola headset on her ear. Was she on the phone? Nope. Did she receive a call during the meal? Nope.

I just wanted to get up, slap the earpiece off, and say "Do you have *any* idea of the technology uderlying your new ear decoration you fat chode?" But then this is the world of my mind where I set right all I view as wrong, in a direct, effective, efficient manner...usually involving physical interaction. :)

Now don't get me wrong...I'm all for Bluetooth, love it in fact. I've had headsets for my phones for the last 3 years, long before it was cool. Nor do I believe that only the "1337" should have the use of technology, but the misuse of things people don't understand annoys me to no end.

It's a wireless headset for the love of whatever power you hold sacred! It utilizes a radio frequency the same as is used in the wireless technology computers use for wireless networks, but much lower powered, and encrypted.

It's not a fashion accessory you 'tards!