Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great night for caffeine

I just love facility migrations. Especially love trying to problem solve at way too damn early in the morning.

I think I'm at 19 hours straight now.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My how time flies...

It's the 18th? Of February? Already? Crap, and only ten days left this month! Funny how that work/sleep/work/sleep cycle goes.

My latest shiny object? Twitter. I'm fascinated thus far. Feeds my need for constant information. And so far there have been a couple very interesting finds.

First: LeVar Burton

I'm sure you all know him from at least one of his roles on TV or the movies. For me my first real experience was "Reading Rainbow" on PBS. I don't recall how we started watching it. It came on before the Star Trek Original series that our local station had bought rights to. How cool is it that years later Mr. Burton himself was part of the Star Trek Universe?

But at any rate, I found LeVar Burton was on Twitter via Wil Wheaton, whom I'll be honest and admit was one of my least favorite Star Trek characters, but I have read his blog for alearned more about the person away from the character.

This is what I've done today with Mr. Burton. He's only recently started a blog, which I highly recommend reading and following.

I've learned a lot about him today, and he has some very useful insights. Chief amongst those that I gleaned today:

"The message I took away was to not be too hard on myself. Sage advice indeed! As a general rule I am trying to be less judgmental of everyone in my life, including me."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I told you...

MySpace is the Gateway to Hell...sans Cerberus. (No need after all...who doesn't have a concupiscence for the Internet?)

Sure you want your kids on-line unmonitored? Remember that ad campaingn in the 80's about "Do you know where your children are?" you?

MySpace Says 90,000 Sex Offenders Blocked From Site Responding to a subpoena from Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, MySpace today is handing over the names of 90,000 registered sex offenders


Now I can already hear the entitled cries of "Well it's about time MySpace was required to do something!"

Idiots. Here's an idea: What if, and this may come as a shock so hang on...What if the parents are responsible for the care of their children!?!

Holy Batshit Batman!! What the Batfuck can you possibly mean?

Personal responsibility Boy Wonder, personal fucking responsibility. So elegant in it's elusive in it's application.

Disgusting to me how the "Me first" generation has devolved into this self-devolving attitude of "anyone but me" mentality towards responsibility.

I'm oft times surprised to find this is far from a new, or generational attitude. I don't know if you can even find them anymore, but I'm reminded of a children's book series from my childhood called "Sweet Pickles" This series came out in the late 70's and thanks to Captain Kangaroo, into my life.

(Look, I found them: [www_amazon_com] )

The above link references the specific character I had in mind...Accusing Alligator.
Who Stole Alligator's Shoe? is about Accusing Alligator who blames everything and everybody for anything that happens.

Huh...sound familiar?

More info can be found here: