Monday, March 2, 2009

Where am I from?

I was asked a few days ago: "Where are you from originally?"

Now aside from my usual smart ass remark about biology, or my other extrateresstrial remarks to that question, it's actually an interesting, though painful (memory wise) story.

Long story I'll try to tell short...

Born in East TN, just about 50 miles out of Knoxville.

Moved first when I was 10 to Nashville area.
Moved to Ohio, at 12.
Back to town of birthplace@17 (Oh Geebus why!? Of all the places, why back to the stone ages?)

Moved away to Mid TN @ 18 for married like fool.
Moved to Memphis @24 (Then kinda never settled anywhere for a while between ex-wifes hometown and whereever I was working around the State at the time.)
Atlanta for about 6 weeks...really long story that...involves a motorcycle, a Volvo, and a physics experiment.
Moved to Nashville @29

I say moved to Nashville, and I should say moved all my $hit to Nashville. I spent the next several years abroad, in Europe, Australia, Canada, and Mexico as well as varied places across the States. (Still haven't made Alaska yet damnit.)

I finally became an actual resident here in 2003.

To answer your question as honestly as I can: I don't feel that I'm originally from anywhere. The Internet perhaps? Is it cool to claim Internet citizenship yet?

In all honesty, I claim nowhere as "home." Ok, I claim somewhere as home, but I've only lived there for 31 days. Australia felt like as close to a "home" for a place as I've ever felt.