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Perfect State, by Brandon Sanderson

Perfect State

  • Written by: Brandon Sanderson
  • Narrated by: Christian Rummel
  • Length: 2 hrs and 4 mins 
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Release Date:10-13-15
  • Publisher: Audible Studios
I spent my vacation time with Brandon Sanderson...ok well I spent my time with some of his works.  He was another of my 'accidental' discoveries that has turned out to be a great find.  Well maybe not found so much as I discovered another NYT best selling author that actually deserves the notoriety.  I've now spent almost as much time listening to his work as that of Steven King, and by the time this year is through he may well surpass Mr.King for the amount of my life I've spent enjoying his work.

I first listened to one of Mr. Saderson's works via MacLeod Andrews because he did such a wonderful job with the Sandman Slim series I wanted to listen to his other performances.  Enter Steelheart, which turns out (unbeknownst to me at the time) to be in the Young Adult (YA) genre alongside such books as Twilight or Harry Potter for example...and not my typical fare.  It says something that I had listened to the 2 existing stories in The Reckoners series at the time without ever noticing it was supposed to be YA.  It is a fun series, and I recommend it even to those who, like me, tend to stay away from the YA genre.  From there I looked into other works by Mr. Sanderson, and next started the Legion series.  I was pretty much hooked, but after starting the Stormlight Archive series I was well into fandom.  He is now on my list with Jim Butcher for all time favorites.  Speaking of Mr. Butcher...he is also a fan of Brandon Sanderson, and cited just how cool a guy he is when a fan once decried his situation of having to choose between Sanderson and Butcher for a book signing event where the two were scheduled at the same time.  Sanderson rescheduled his signing!  

How awesome is that?

This is a short story that I picked to start with for two reasons: It was about the same length as my overall flight time, and it was performed by Christian Rummel.  I had another short story picked out for my trip that I'll review as well but I felt like I needed to start with this book first as it is a purely stand alone story, and the other was loosely in the Mistborn universe...and I kinda have to prepare myself mentally for Mr. Rummel.  Mind you this is reflective only on me and my weird associations in my own head and not at all on his talent or narrative abilities.  It's just that he sounds an awfully lot like another person's character in my mind and every time I listen to Mr. Rummel I start to giggle because I'm thinking he sounds just like *redacted* from that movie where the guy is *redacted* (Needless to say I don't want to impose this relation to anyone else, so I won't mention it here and just deal with my mind and it's oddities.)

If you are curious about Mr. Sanderson, but not ready to commit to a long story/series this is a great place to start, in a couple hours you'll get an idea for his style and some of his imaginative stories.

Perfect State is the story of a man who has conquered the world and everything in it and is lord master (haha, inside joke to other Sanderson readers) of all he surveys.  Yet he has be given a task he dreads...he must go on a date.

This sets the stage for the humor in this story, our 'hero' Kai (God-Emperor Kairominas) must go on a date with another woman who has conquered her world and has achieved just as much as he has.

I found this to be the perfect companion for my flight, and a well told story.  And to spite my odd associative memory Christian Rummel did a good job with this and keeping all the characters voices isolated and consistent.

If you are familiar with Brandon Sanderson then you already know you will enjoy this story, if not then this is a good sampler to introduce yourself to him and his many wonderful stories.

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