Saturday, March 5, 2016

I suck at maintaining...

"...last published on Oct 26, 2015."

Wow.  It doesn't seem that long ago since I posted something, even my typical non-segue.  This should tell you something...I'm just unclear as to what exactly. 

Perhaps that I suck at maintaining things.  Things like self imposed rules about posting reviews of every book I read before going on to the next.  It also says something good, no great, about Brandon Sanderson...I started the Mistborn series back in Oct. and have since read everything available by him on Audible as well as the various short stories available on Kindle.  Let me gush shortly and just tell you this:  READ BRANDON SANDERSON'S WORKS!  If the man writes on a piece of a napkin in a Waffle'll be a masterpiece. (Not that I really expect him to do such a thing)  There, that should cover my opinion on any Brandon Sanderson works.  The actors that narrate his works are also awesome I can't come up with even one minor complaint...and I seek out minor complaints for a living!

I suck at maintaining things like postponement of gratification.  Back in October maybe November there came a moment when I completed one book and thought "OK, I need to post my review so I can get on with the next AWESOME book and find out what happened to...well I could always finish the trilogy and then post a review of the whole thing, right?" rules are that malleable...they are mine after all.  Next thing you know I'm into the second trilogy featuring Wax and Wayne, and I tell myself something about posting a review of all the Mistborn saga.  Then you know the holidays intruded, and work intruded (a lot in December actually) and then I found myself with 8 days of vacation time at the end of the year.  I thought hey I could post my reviews and get current again!  Well the 3rd book in the Mistborn second trilogy will be out in January...just wait.  Since my last update I've gone through 27 books.  Granted there are some shorter ones (less than 8 hours = short for me) but there were many more in the 12 - 20 hour category.

I suck at maintaining things like balance.  I'm fairly familiar with myself, and I can tell you I am a person of extremes.  I don't know least not in a digestible, milquetoast, politically-correct, manner...I just am.  I thought about adding up the hours I spend listening to book, but then I remembered the Audible app does that for me, well kinda-sorta.  It does it per device, and per install.  My current device is a Nexus 6 that I started using in late Sept.  around the week of the 20th.   In that time my Audible chrono says I've logged: 3 months, 17 days, 3 hours, and 19 minutes...according to WolframAlpha that is 156,079 minutes, or about 2,601 hours.  In audiobooks.  Mind you that is actual time elapsed whilst listening (and there is a part of me wanting me to hurry the hell up with this "update crap" and get back to the book I'm on because...because damn you I'm in the middle of a chapter and I decided to do this NOW?  WTAF!?)  That's that extremism I'm talking about.  I am listening to an audiobook at every free moment I have.  Driving, showering, between conference calls, most meals, etc.  On occasion I make myself wait until the next day before starting a new book if I happen to finish one in the evening.  If I'm in a series though and the next one is available...all bets are off.

So, as I am actually in the middle of Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes I'll close with this.  I'll try to update books as I read them, or maybe as a series if it's a particularly good one.  Just don't be surprised when I don't...because I'll be in the middle of a book.



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